Eastern Subterranean Termites are very common in our area.  This type of termite lives primarily in the ground and in decaying wood debris.  They usually swarm in the early spring thru the fall.  Whenever the temperature climbs above 72 degrees swarming can occur.  Both male and female termites swarm to create a new nest.  Most people say it looks like snow falling when they swarm.  When termites are present in a structure they usually form mud tubes and enter a structure through cracks in the foundation larger than 1/8 of an inch.  Keeping termite coverage on your home is an important step in keeping a termite free home.
One common misconception in our area is homeowners tend to believe that if a wood destroying insect report (WDIR) is performed on their home at time of purchase AND the report states there are no termites present then the home must be termite free.  This may be true at that time HOWEVER let me stress this point. When you buy a home it is the biggest purchase you will ever make.  Wouldn't it make better sense to take care of your home than leave it to the unforeseen? 
For instance, recently we had a gentleman call our office with a termite problem.  He had bought his home in 2005 at that time it was termite free.  His home is built on a slab foundation.  He chose not to have a treatment done at time of purchase.  When he decided to sell his home the new potential buyers had a WDIR performed on the home.  Guess what?  Termites!  In several different places!  Well the current homeowner is upset to say the least.  He thought that sense the WDIR dated 2005 said there were no termites present that meant he would NEVER have termites!  WRONG!  In this area you MUST keep a termite protection on your home.  Let the experts who know what they are doing inspect your home every year.
We at Tri-County believe in educating our customers.  If you are a customer of ours please don't delay call us immediately if you should find something that looks unusual.  You won't be treated like an idiot but you will feel like one if you wait until it is too late!  So check out this video we found to learn more!