Is your insulation wet and discolored? Is it hanging down and stringy? Do your floors squeak when you walk on them?  Is there so much debris under your home you can hardly move under there?  Is it humid in your crawl space?  Has your moisture barrier rotted away?  Do you smell a musty smell just after a good rain?  If you answer yes to any of the questions you may have a moisture problem!

Living in the Southeastern part of North Carolina we have seen our share of moisture issues.  If you have questions about your moisture issues call our office for a free quote today. 

We install moisture barriers, dehumidifiers, sump pumps, french drains and temp vents.  If your insulation needs to be replaced regardless of the reasons we can handle that too.  Each home is a unique as is each homeowner.  Call today to receive your free personal quote.

Below is a video we found that you may find interesting.  This video explains how moisture can effect the value of your home.  If you feel this is happening to your home please call our office we can help