So what is all the buzz about!  Will they attack and sting me?  How can I get rid of them?  Why are they hanging around my back door?  All of the questions will be answered and probably leave you with more questions!

First off, no they will NOT attack you and sting you.  Not unless you sit on one.  Last year my husband stuck his finger in a hole on our deck to see what was in it and lo and behold it was a carpenter bee.  No it didn't sting him but it did give him a scare and we all got a laugh at his expense!  He said it felt like tiny little vibrations on the end of his finger.  

Carpenter Bees are attracted to whatever is flowering in your yard.  It could be the bushes or trees, it could even be the flowers on your porch.  Keeping your flowering bushes and trees down to a minimum should help.  

However that doesn't help when they reproduce and lay their eggs in your decking.  We once went to a house that had so many holes in the decking we were wondering how they were able to walk on it without falling through!  The trick and I do say it is a trick, to getting rid of them is to straighten out a coat hanger as straight as you can.  Poke it in the holes as far as you can.  Now you may feel some resistance, this is just the egg casings you need to poke through them in order to ensure they do not hatch out in the spring.  Once you have pushed it all the way through, pull it out and chaulk the hole shut, repeat on each hole.  Now you wait and see how well your treatment went.  Repeat until no new bees appear.  Replace any boards that appear to have too many holes to be safe.

Good Luck!  And Happy Spring!